From Pioppi to Policastro

My accommodation was nice. The young couple furnished it a bit stylish. The washbowl for example was orange colored. 

Also a jetted tub was part of the bathroom 😉 

I did not use it in this way but I used it to wash my clothes 😉 

Anyway both were pretty nice people and Alessandro was working for four years as a caretaker at Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis so we could take in German. 

We had breakfast together and talked a lot. 

Alessandro said today’s weather forecast says sunny with temperatures to 33 centigrade. 

But it didn’t look like the forecast and so I had to put out my rain clothes after an hour. At Pisciotta I hurried into a bar cause I was scared of the flashes. They seemed to be very near. 

But after about 20 minutes the raining has stopped and I went on. 

It was a rain clothes on and off for about two hours but there were no thunderbolts any more. 

The route was a mixture of climbs and downhill. The greatest altitude was a bit more than 400. 

All together I estimate an elevation of 900 meters. 

Today I will go to a restaurant for a pizza with an old friend who is also here at Policastro with his family. What a coincidence! 

I haven’t seen him, I believe, until about 10 years. 

Pretty overcast.

Roccagloriosa – the glorious village on the rocks 😉

And a bit later from nearly the same altitude.

I’m impressed by my map because more or less all fountains are shown. This one was especially impressive with its 4 taps and a nice building. The water was really cold and tastes delicious compareable to our water.

Monte Bulgheria 1.224 meters offers some hiking tours and also a Rifugio Tozzo del Moio.

And on the opposite view the bay of Sapri, Policastro my aim today.

From Pioppi to Policastro. 64 km. About 900 elevation.


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