56-13.07.-Sa-Carboneras – Almería

The concierge at the hotel with the name David speaks German because he lift his first 8 years at Hannover.

He is 38 years old. So at the beginning of the crisis he was 28 had studied work advisory but got no job. Because he jobbed in this hotel during studying at Almeria he continued doing so. Also because he likes to stay in his home village.

He also explained that the vegetable and fruit farmers have started cultivation with the help of the greenhouses because the region of Almería is the one with the most sunshine a year so they are able to harvest twice. The water they need is mainly generated by seawater desalination.

David also said I will see on my today’s tour much more greenhouses than the days before.

He was correct. It is really unbelievable. I drove about 50 kilometers along this greenhouses. So far as the eyes could reach.

There is no fertile soil there is only sand. Water and nutrients are added in liquid form and of course the pesticides. It smelled intensively and remembered me the same smell at Südtirol.

Also I saw some black workers. Summarizing we can state that the bases is white sand, black workers and pesticides.

David said the fruits and vegetables are made for Europe 😉

It was really the hottest trip today. Imagine to cycle the desert. But my body did very well.

I bought cheese and bread and two bottles of water in the morning because there was no supermarket available.

There were two possible routes. I decided to take the shorter one. But this was the hotter one because not along the shore.

After half the distance headwinds came up. Today I enjoyed. I put off the helmet and put on the white cap and kept it wet all the time to keep my head cool 😉

As I came closer to the sea the temperature dropped. I was surprised and couldn’t believe. A view onto the cellphone verified my feeling. Only 25 degrees centigrade.

A huge croissant and lots of butter – delicious! I took two of them 🙂
The chimney is part of the fossil-fueled power plant next to Carboneras. On Google maps I red a comment this is the black sheep 😉
Same than the days before.
Wonderful bays.
It looks like that a PV power plant will be build here. Nearly 40 mega Watt peak. The nuclear power plant Gundremingen C provides about 1.200 MW.
Also to see from the moon without telescope.
Look on Google maps to get an overview.
Fortunately I passed this pine tree and stopped for the lunch break. Later at Pueblo Blanca I found a bench under a tree at a playground and made a nap. Pueblo Blanca looked like one of these western villages 😉
BIO FRESH FRUITS sounds like a joke.
On the other side of the hill…
Sounds organic 😉
It seems every tomato is organic 😉
A huge area for Michelin to develop and test tires.
You know I am fascinated by these agaves 🙂 but I have never ever seen an agave forest.
Although the air was misty the bushfires are good to see. On internet I red they suppose it’s caused by a lightning. I am surprised, a lightning at noontime!?
Yoga bicycle in headstand posture 😉 going up to the 7th floor.
I don’t know why but Almería was always the longed-for destination to me. Also I was bothered by getting there through the arid landscape and the hot area. Now I am here and very happy.
79 km from Carboneras to Almería in nearly 8 hours. GT 3.160 km.