Going on southwards

The breakfast was quite few. 1 croissant and 1 mini espresso but a bottle of water. 

As I arrived at the main road I was surprised by the traffic jam at the first road about 1 km from the beach. 

But I was more surprised as I saw the traffic jam also on the coast road. 

Later I heard from an inhabitant all the people want to go to the beach. And that although there was an overcast weather situation. 

Fortunately there was a bike path too so I could travel relaxed and with reduced exhaust gases. 

After nearly 40 km absolutely straight road along the sandy beach I arrived at Agropoli. From there on some climbs have to be done. 

After 80 km I arrived at Pioppi a small village where I got a B&B. 

Unfortunately only a few meters the bike path was that nice with these wonderful umbrella pins forest. More or less it was dirt tracks.

Sandy beach with nice waves caused by the gusty weather.

View to the hills. They have to get climbed.

Agropoli – Christmas lights with Madonna all the year 😉

After a few km again with view to the sea.

In and out and up and down 😉

Again these wonderful waves 🙂

Today’s tour from Pontecagnano to Pioppi. 80 km.


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