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What to write about the Alhambra? It is so fantastic, so marvelous, so impressing to walk through this places, palaces and gardens. Yesterday evening I watched an informative video on YouTube so I had even an idea of the Alhambra and its history.

Most impressive to me were the Nasrid palaces. They are Alhambra’s centerpieces.

Especially the Muqarnas also called stalactite vault. This technique was invited by Iran in the beginning 11th century. I have seen it also in the great mosque at Muscat in 2017.

In difference to palaces in western countries the Islam is not allowed to show paintings of persons; prohibition of (graven) images. But in the Nasrid palaces are two small ceilings with paintings of 10 emirs to see.

From Wikipedia: under the caliphs Andalucia was a rich and blooming country.

Arts and sciences where well known in the whole world.

Craftsmanship was role model in Europe.

All children were able to attend school. Hospitals for every citizen (Obama care ;-)), libraries and leisure centers. Paved roads and running water. Such a luxury was unknown in the rest of Europe.

Also to see there: the palace of „Charly“ V. It is huge and that’s all. The Nasrid palaces are fine arts, the Charly palace is a bulldozer. But it wasn’t finished yet. The construction started in 1527 and got a rooftop in the 20th century!

Charly V also built the Granada cathedral. Also huge and a symbol of the catholic church after an Islamic period of about 700 years.

The Moorish King Muhammad has to capitulate to the catholic kings Ferdinand and Isabel in 1492.

One of the entrances.
Morning light.
A garden with a view to the city.
Some details. Here a colorful faiance.
Gypsum. There were some parts of them to touch. I could scratch a crack with my finger nail.
Muqarnas too. The powder’s value for the color was more than the one for gold at this time.
The lions fountain.
A garden for the fine senses.
Iglesia de Santa Maria de la alhambra.
The following pictures show the Generalife the summer palace next to the Alhambra.
The water stairs. The water flows in the hand rail and is really fresh.
Within the Granada cathedral. The chorus.
The two organs.
One of the retables.