55-12.07.-Fr-Aguilas – Carboneras

Today started with a so-so breakfast. The coffee was fine. The toast with tomato too. But the two croissant was one or two days old.

Today’s route was quite easy along the shore with some climbs up to not higher than 170 meters.

Finally LocusMap showed 1.100 meters up and down. I don’t believe.

Again some sections led through arid landscape. Although it is a bit strange it is fascinating too.

And also there was a place I tried to swim but couldn’t because the surge was to strong. I was sitting on a rock and held on to keep seating 😉

As I arrived on top of the highest point today a steep and speedy downhill laid before.

But the back wheel made some problems. Even in the morning I had to pump up the tire. And a few times during the day. About 300 meters behind the pass I had the feeling to swim. I stopped pumped up again but the tire didn’t get really hard. So I drove down slowly and carefully.

I tried to come to the hotel for today but 2 km ahead I had to do the necessary maintenance 😉

A thorn transfixed the outer tire and pierced a hole through the tube. No problem. Within half an hour I had patched with the last patch.

But the outer tire bothers me. The profile has gone. On the surface I saw some holes. 3 weeks ago I was in a shop but didn’t get the tire with the correct dimension. And I hope to get it at Almería or Granada.

Nice shore, very nice bike 🙂
The moon? Arizona? Oman?
My daily ritual: I buy one bottle of water, 90 grams of cheese, one big tomato, some dry bread and chocolate cookies. Then I am on a lookout for a place with trees and shadows and maybe a bench to do a little nap. Today I found this pine tree forest (better: about 30 young trees) next to the main road.
The second restaurant along this road! Every 10 minutes one car! Nobody to see in or around the restaurants! They have to be patient.
The first pass is done. Downhill with a pumping interruption. The next climb to see.
Wonderful colored rocks. At Carboneras some public places and sidewalks are bricked by such stone.
View back to today’s first pass.
And the second one 🙂
High speed downhill 😉
View down.
View up.
Bicycle maintenance.
From Aguilas to Carboneras I drove 65 km within 9 hours. GT 3.081 km.