Expecting lots of traffic I started biking today at 6:45 without breakfast. 

First I to climb nearly 500 meters. Then I could enjoy a high speed downhill. That’s always great fun 🙂 

At 10 am I arrived at Amalfi and had made 40 km. Now it was time for breakfast in a nice Cafe in Amalfi’s harbor. 

The Cappu was bad the croissant delicious 😉 

After an hour I went on driving. 

Now it was 11 am and more traffic. 

The coast is really wonderful. 

On a park bench at Salerno I did some power napping 🙂 

I visited Salerno for a coffee. Pretty nice town with a nice beach. 

I made my booking.com reservation and had to make additional 15 km. 

On the way along the sea I made a short swim and felt refreshed for the endspurt. 

Costeria Amalfitana in the morning.

A special atmosphere.

View back with the morning sun.


Rush hour 😉


I’m sailing….

„lonely“ bay 😉


Today’s tour from Sorrento to Pontecagnano. 83 km. 9:40 hours.

This is a lemon of course. But a special one: Feminello sfusato. Only in this region you can find her. The Limoncello is made from their skins. But only the yellow part. At Sorrento you get everything made from these lemons. Liqueur, sweeties, chocolate, soaps and creams, parfume. As you see they are really huge. I’ve bought this one from a car on the street and paid 2 Euro. Of course a tourist prize 😉

Because it is absolutely natural (I hope so) so can eat it completely. I did! It tastes delicious!


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