54-11.07.-Th-Cartagena – Aguilas

The plan for today was much exhausting than yesterday’s one and I was a bit scared to get it done.

The distance of nearly 80 kilometers wasn’t the challenge but there were some ups and downs with a main climb to an altitude of 400 meters. The road in the blazing sun.

But as so often by going the anxieties break away soon. And it was very interesting to drive through this arid landscape. Partly I felt like traveling the moon.

And then behind a little pass a fundamental and man-made change occurred: greenhouses. All of them white made of a special and transmissible film. In these dry brown land it looks strange.

The climb was quite easy and gave me a wonderful overview to this surreal landscape.

This area up to Aguilas seems to be an area nobody wants to be there. A national road – very less traffic. A highway – very very less traffic. Only people who lives here and didn’t find the courage to leave and people working here (greenhouse) you meet.

On my main climb – about 2 hours up and down – I met 2 cars and – of course – a convoy of 2 John Deer tractors 😉

Today’s panorama 🙂
The one and only shadow 😉
Cooling downhill with the next climb to come.
10 % means a speedy downhill. I didn’t meet a deer 😉 and the first (white) greenhouses to see.
According to Wikipedia the area around Aguilas is known for their vegetable growing in greenhouses. It would be interesting how and why the farmers here started this cultivation and how they can be competitive to farmers in areas with fertile earth.
This picture shows the road to the pass I had to climb.
It looks like the houses could be covered with a green fleece too.
Some cultivation also without houses.
Here at the corner I could see the pass.
Done 🙂 like the view back confirms.
Also a view back with the sea. Here I heard the loud sputtering of a diesel engine used as a pump station. I can’t understand why none of these farmers uses PV to produce power for warming and cooling and pumping and so on. There is so much land they cannot use for cultivation.
This view to the south side shows a parc a nice coast and also Farmland. And, of course a speedy downhill 😉
Parc information.
Also melons are growing in the greenhouses.
But also outside.
Arrived at Aguilas with the prominent Castillo de San Juan de las Aguilas.
After sunset a view over Aguilas. This is the first city with so many white houses. That will increase if I go forward. Especially Almería.
This view more to the south. Aguilas has 35.000 inhabitants thereof 5.000 are foreigners with their usual residence there. Especially Germans, Dutch and Britains.
And a view to the south where I will go tomorrow.
78 km and 8,5 hours from Cartagena to Aguilas. GT 3.016 km.