Once in a lifetime you must see the famous blue grotto on the wonderful Capri island 😉 

And therefore you have to suffer the unbelievable mass of tourists. 

Clever like I am I got up at half past six to get the first ferry boat at 07:15 😉 

That was a really good plan. So I had to wait only half an hour to get into the grotto. 

The grotto itself is really wonderful but the lots of tourists (me too 😉 and the socalled Gondolieri are terrible. 

„my“ Gondoliero also sang. He sang lalala and lala and lala lala 😉 

That was so funny and I could laugh a lot but only inside. 

But „my“ Gondoliero was a really cool guy: bronzed, good looking, athletic, sunglasses, a fat watch and a sailor’s hat. 

In tyrol theses guys are called ski instructor 😉 

I had done this must do at 10. So it was time enough to make the hiking tour. And this was pretty nice. Very hot of course but worthy. 

A nice way with many poster about flowers and animals and geology. It was made with lots of passion. 

And the best of all was a bay with a stair down to the sea. 

There were only 5 people. And there was the possibility to climb and jump 🙂 lots of fun! 

Two young guys jumped from the right side but only half a meter. 

I swam to the left side and tried to climb up and it was possible but painful cause of the sharp rocks. So I could jump from about 4 meters. 

The two guys followed and had a lot of fun too. 

Capri I’m coming

Capri Marina

An old taxi with a young taxi driver 😉

Waiting for access. 3-4 people in one boat. The entrance is about 1,5 m wide and 70 cm high so all passengers have to lay down

A wonderful blue

Grotto traffic jam 😉

„our“ gondola and gondolier

This are only the people waiting who arrived by boats. The others were about 200

The nice prepared pathway.

Great cliff coast and blue sea

My rest and jump and fun fjord 🙂

Do deep to jump 😉

A pretty nice place.

One part of Capri


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