53-10.07.-We-San Pedro del Pinatar – Cartagena

My idea for today was to take it easy and the weather helped to do so because I had tailwinds.

I got up late started late and stopped early 😉

Anyway I made it to Cartagena. After Costa Blanca I am now driving along Costa Calida the warm coast.

Mostly I could use bike paths and the roads were nearly free of traffic because there was a highway next to it. The climb of about 100 meters was also easy to do.

People are living at Cartagena since 50.000 years! The Neandertal settled here. Later Hannibal followed by the the Romans.

At last the first wind turbines. I saw them in the map. About 20.
View in direction of Cartagena. Quite dry area here.
From the same place a view back to the windmill.
Cartagena railway station.
In 1916 the Grand Hotel Cartagena. Nowadays the tourist information.
The memorial to the victims of the civil war.
Cartagena is a pretty nice town with beautiful houses.
Cartagena’s natural port. Also a naval harbor. In the background two warships.
The same view over a part of the harbor from the top of the Castillo de la Concepcion, 70 meters above sea.
In the background ruins of the Castillo.
The Roman Amphitheater.
Unfortunately I was a few minutes late to see the archeological site so I took a picture of the information only.
A close-up of the Roman city.
An unbelievable diameter of 50 centimeters. But I ate it with one Liter cerveza sin alcohol 😉
43 km from San Pedro to Cartagena in 6.5 hours. GT 2,938 km.