52-09.07.-Tu-Balsares – San Pedro del Pinatar

After relaxing five days with yoga at Berlin and another night in the tent under pines I started cycling again.

In the morning it was cold. Or better to say I felt cold. 23 degrees. So I put on my wind-stopper jacket.

I had to find my rhythm again. So I started slowly.

At Santa Pola I took a breakfast.

Santa Pola is a little town most known for its salines. On Wikipedia I found another curious point under the subtitle Mariano Rahoy. He is Spain’s former prime Minister. After he stepped down he took his former job at Santa Pola as director of the local land office. The salary he gets is more than he got as prime Minister. It is 15.000 € per month.

Today’s ride was mostly on or along roads with lots of traffic. Partly the bike paths was hard to find.

Also I had some heavy headwinds.

A salt mountain.
A digger loads a truck with salt.
A saline basin.
The saline basins are very close to the roads.
Flamingos walking through the saline 🙂
One beach.
San Pedro del Pinatar marks the end of Costa Blanca. It lays in a huge bay.
75 km from Balsares to San Pedro del Pinatar in 10 hours. GT 2.895 km.