A view where Angela Merkel enjoys her holidays – San Angelo 🙂

After a 3 hour trip through undergrowth I was really happy that I made it to Monte Epomeo (788 my) 🙂 after arriving in the harbor of Casamicciola I bough a one day ticket for the bus and went to the heavy queue in the sun without any shadow. I wasn’t glad to go with all the people into the little bus. So I asked my map for an alternative. The map showed a direct path to the peak so I started to climb. After about half an hour I couldn’t see the path any longer. He did not exist any more. So I went back and tried again to find a path. Fortunately I could find a way up. From the blackberries my arms and legs looked terrible. There were so many common European spiders I ran in 😉

Nice and tiny Ischia taxi.

A view from my way to Monte Epomeo to Casamicciola


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