I cannot sleep that well in the tent. But it was okay. I felt a bit tired as I got up at about half past nine.

I sat down under an umbrella pine tree and enjoyed to listen to the different noises mostly the call of pigeons in the trees above myself.

I had to wait until someone got up. Then I took the bike and drove to Alicante were I took a cup of coffee and a croissant and made a sightseeing plan.

I decided to see the castle „Castillo de Santa Barbara“. It was first built by the Moorish in the ninth century. Later it was conquered several times by different powers until the nineteen century.

The top of the castle is 166 meters high and gives a wide view around.

And after some beers I cycled „home“. In total I drove 37 km.

A pretty nice house where Almu and Shindo and little Oliver live since 6 months with their two dogs Leo and Chicco. The house is surrounded by 5.000 square meters land.
View to Alicante from the south.
From the castle: View through the loophole and over the cannon to the port.
To the south.
And to the west.
To the north.