Although that isn’t the place I wanted to stay for a longer time and wouldn’t feel well such a large hotel makes live convenient. I almost took a haircut but was a bit to late.

This evening I had an appointment with a warmshowers.org host so I had to organize to be there at about 7 pm.

On Thursday I will fly from Alicante to Berlin to attend a yoga seminar. Therefore I was looking for a host where I can leave my bicycle and luggage for the meantime.

I sent a request to 8 hosts but got no response. So I texted 6 of them but got no answer. Then the first I requested responded.

So I will stay here using – for the first time – the tent. Tomorrow I will cycle to Alicante for sightseeing and on Thursday I will go to the airport by taxi and fly to Berlin.

On Monday I will be back again sleep one night here again and continue with the bicycle on Tuesday.

The white Benidorm beach with lots of skyscrapers.
And a spectacular new building.
Cycling in the middle of the road 😉
On the map it looked like a little but asphalted road but…
Only the police came along.
This time I got mussels instead of olives 🙂
Thx to Shindo and Almu I can stay here at this wonderful place 🙂 thank you so much 🙂
From Benidorm to Balsares it were 69 km and I needed 9 hours. GT 2.783 km.