This morning started with a swim 🙂

Now my way for the next days will be along Costa Blanca. This is a touristic label and refers to the with colored houses and the light that let the sand occur white. So Alicante is the city of light and has a blue (sea) and white (sands) flag.

And there are many mountains what makes – for me – the landscape more interesting and more diversified. Compared to Valencia it pleases me more.

On the other hand for cycling it’s a permanent up and down. But not more than 100 to 200 meters.

Today I felt much better than yesterday. It seems I have found a rhythm and do always a lunchtime with a little nap. Today I found a wonderful place under some pines on top of a cliff but only 5 meters to the road.

Here at Benidorm the skyscrapers are crazy. Crowds of people. In my opinion mostly British followed by Dutch and Germans. I have seen many right driven cars and even a Gibraltar tag mark on a car.

Google told me yesterday it will be 5 degrees colder today. But it was really hot. But now it’s overcast 😉

The advantage of these touristfied places: Indian dishes are available 🙂

View from the fifth floor of my hotel where I enjoyed breakfast.
The morning sun.
From this point of view the Cruz de Xàbia looks impressive.
Initially I thought this is Alicante but it was Calp about 40 km to Alicante.
The nice picnic place under pine-trees.
And the view from there over Costa Blanca.
Lawyers and taxadvisors to help Germans to make their investments at Costa Blanca 😉
At Calp 🙂
Mostly bike paths are brown sometimes green also pink red and here blue 😉
View over Calp with the mountain from the other side. It is called Penyal d’lfac and is 332 meters high.
On the other side the next mountains with white houses.
The next bay Benidorm. Hard to see because it was so misty.
Even an English school is available here.
View from my hotel room in the fifth floor. The most I counted were 17 stories. But very interesting the white clouds between the skyscrapers. Half an hour later it was overcast.
In front of the Irish pub 😉
Even the Beatles are here 😉
From Javea to Benidorm I drove 51 km and 7 hours. GT 2.714 km.