48-30.06.-Su-Gandia – Javea

The first third of today’s route was a nice plane bike path and neither head- nor tailwinds.

The second third was a wide road mostly with a shoulder.

And the last third included a 200 meters climb and the same downhill.

Like it is very often. I was scared about the climb at the hottest time of the day when others do their siesta.

But doing the climb made it easy. I was concentrated and relaxed at did one cycle after the other breathing normally.

The ascent was about 6 % thus comfortably.

I arrived at 4 pm so I had time to enjoy some beers at the beach promenade and later for a little hiking tour to a bay were I could swim and enjoy some cliff jumps.

A ferry boat and a great and used sailing ship.
The climb starts.
Really nice road with less traffic.
I come nearer to the highest point.
Done 🙂
I would like to climb this mountain called „Cruz de Xàbia“, 735 meters high.
First view to the south side.
And the second with sea.
Beer at the beach promenade. At that village very many British people are to hear.
The hiking to the bay were many sailing boats lay at anchor.
Another view.
The swim bay with the jump rock.
Xàbia / Javea port.
Inside church „Parroquia Nuestra Senora de Loreto“. Coming back from swimming I saw a curious building towering the surrounding houses. Soon I found the building and identified it as a church. Doors were open. But these doors on both sides of the building were doors like windows to let fresh air flow. I walked around the elliptical building and found the real entrance door. Nobody was in except the servant preparing for a holy mass. I sat down and took the opportunity to do my meditation practice. Nice and gentle music was played. The building is special. Ecliptic and becoming wider to the top with pillars towering the walls and on these pillars is a wooden ship positioned as roof. So between pillars and the ships bottom windows arise.
From Gandia to Xàbia / Javea 46 km in 6 hours. GT 2.663 km.