I started late because I had to dismantle the pump holder. It was to thick so the screw was to short and the water bottle holder wagged.

I drove through the Turia River bed, the Turia parc about 10 km to the seaside and followed the bike path.

I wasn’t in my best shape. Maybe my body suffered the temperature.

Later I bought some cheese and bread and a huge tomato and had a lunch break in a little parc on a bench under a tree and afterwards did a nice nap 🙂

The bike path ended headwinds arose, maybe Scirocco, that slowed me down.

I arrived at Gandia (sounds like mahatma Gandhi) first at half past seven.

Unfortunately the mattress of the bed has two wet spots. So I put my air mattress on it covered with two blankets and the sheet so I’ll have a dry night.

Here the redirected Turia with some bridges.
Beach next to València’s freight Port.
Nice and huge lagoon in the wildlife park Albufera. I didn’t take one of the excursion boats.
Never before I have seen such a thick palm forest.
Mountains come closer. Will there be a climb? In the foreground orange trees.
The mattress with the two wet spots 🙁
And my solution 🙂
73 km from Valencia to Gandia in almost 9 hours. GT 2.617 km.