I have planned to stay at Valencia for two days. At the one hand to relax and give my body the chance to regenerate and on the other side to get input to the brain 😉

First of all I have to get an overview how the city works. Metro, busses, distances and delicious icecream of course 😉

I always look to do everything online. It’s a pity here that the Valencia tourist card for 48 hours to get you have to go to the office in downtown. But okay. They offer lots of paper in addition to the plastic card but I don’t take it. A picture of the metro schedule is enough.

Really a highlight at Valencia is the Turia parc. The Turia is the river through Valencia. But „through“ isn’t correct anymore. In the 1950 s Turia caused some devastating floodings so Turia was relocated to the south and outside the city. The old river bed now is used as a parc. On about 20 kilometers you can cycle, jogging, walking or simply hang out under a tree or in the sun on a clean and neat lawn. There are also some sports equipment such as steppers and „home“ trainers and of course children’s playgrounds.

At the sea end of the Turia parc the „Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències“, the city of arts and sciences. It was built at the end of the 20th and beginning 21st century and is by now the sightseeing magnet of the city.

I visited the L’Oceanografic and saw dolphin, beluga whale, penguin, sea lion, walrus, seal, crocodile, turtle as well as flamingo, scarlet ibis, pelican.

It was very interesting to see penguins on land and under water the same time. Wow, how fast the are under water and how much they like to play tag, speed up and jump onto the rocks outside. Amazing!

Also the huge walrus swim up and down and all round the basin like dancing and it looks pretty nice.

The beluga also dance through the huge basin but they do it pair wisely.

The busy market hall.
The silk exchange from outside.
The orange garden inside the silk exchange, Lonja de la Seda.
The advisory hall.
The pillar hall.
The basement.
The impressing wooden ceiling in the tower.
The board inside the tower.
The tower’s ground as a reversible figure.
The Agora one of the buildings of the city of arts and sciences with the 125 meters high bridge pillar València’s highest point.
Feeding of the pelicans.
Sea lions.
A diameter of about 15 centimeters.
Inside L’Umbracle.
View onto L’Hemisferic that includes an IMAX 3 D cinema.
After sightseeing I went to the sea to swim and cool.