44-26.06.-We-Castello – Valencia

Today started with looking for a bicycle shop to buy a new tire pump. After some searching I found a store. Now I feel better. A flat tire is no problem but only if I have a functioning pump

Most of today’s tour was on bike paths. Most of them along roads but even so.

Around Sagunt I had some detours and lost about one hour. It’s always the same: rivers, railways and highways. This time it were different highways and other barriers.

Firstly I saw on the map that the used road N340 was continued by V23. I have seen A and AP roads. Both highways but never saw a V road. So I drove and hoped to be allowed to take this road. But at the point of change I had to turn and drive back.

Next I had to cross exactly this V23 and found even a bridge. But on the other side of this bridge I found myself in an industrial area that was not totally in use why not every street was connected. So I had to go back and take another way.

After passing V23 I followed a two-lane-road to southwest. Bevause the wind came from northeast I drove really fast. After about 5 km I saw blue road signs and supposed to be on the highway or on the way to the highway.

Well, soon I saw AUTOVIA 🙁 but fortunately there was an entrance ramp with nearly no traffic so I took this way out and drove again through an industrial area with wide and new roads nearly without traffic and also southwest 😉

At the end I met the bike path that I could use for the last 15 km and through Valencia to the hotel. Very comfortable 🙂

A loquat tree spended some shadow and let me enjoy his fruits. In Italy the fruit is called Nespoli. In Austria Japanische Wollmispel.
A 90 km ride today from Castello to Valencia in a bit more than 8 hours. GT 2.544 km.