43-25.06.-Tu-Benicarló – Castello

This morning I didn’t need suncream and fortunately the direction of the wind was the same.

I planned to visit the citadel at Peniscola but there were too many people.

After Peniscola a dirt road followed. Soon I stepped off and walked the bike. It was too steep. Later I could enjoy some downhills. But it wasn’t really a pleasure. I had to drive concentrated and tried to avoid the badest holes and stones. 12 km up and down on heavy dirt track.

Nearly at the end of the track I felt somewhat wrong with the rear tire. Less air and I had to pump air.

Three times I pumped then arrived at a view point were the regular road ended with some people.

I started the maintenance procedure but couldn’t fill the tube with air. Obviously the tire pump was malfunctioning.

As soon as I started maintaining an older man in bicycle dress came over and talked to me in Spanish and looked at me.

As I saw that the pump didn’t work I asked him for a pump and he helped me to fill the tube. I had used a new one.

Asap I will buy a pump!

At the next market store I bought something to eat and water and went on.

Driving along the beach I saw a kite and hoped to see a kite surfer because I admire these guys.

Yes there was a real hand. I looked for a place to sit and eat my lunch and look at him.

I put on the primaloft because the wind was heavy. He was an expert and I had so much fun with his show. For turning the direction he jumped and turned. Also he did some jumps 5 meters high and 10 meters long. Unbelievably!

Later I took the N340 (via Augusta) to make kilometers 😉

The last 12 km I found a bike path to Castello de la Plana.

Nice village Peniscola. There were crowds of people so I passed without visiting. Wikipedia says that the citadel was setting for Game of Thrones.
From the south. Also to see the heavy clouds.
A more far view from the following amazing cliff coast.
Wonderful cliff coast with heavy up and down dirt road.
View back with Peniscola in the background.
Bushes formed by the wind.
A little pine forest spends shelter.
A new sort of crop: melon.
Still 1.000 km to Cadiz 😉
A view to the northwest.
And to the east, the seaside.
The Concatedral de Santa Maria at Castello.
The market place. Going along gives a nose of fish.
Impressing. Seen on the city hall.
Today I drove from Benicarló to Castello in nearly 8 hours and 80 km. GT 2.454 km