Although the Saint Juam celebrations caused lots of bangs I slept very well and after a hearty breakfast I started at 10 am.

The route followed the channel through the rice fields so I can say it is the „rice road“ 😉

Very comfortably were the change the direction of the wind made since yesterday. From SE to NE. So I was twice as fast or cycling was half as exhausting.

On an ideal beach with stones instead of sands and only a few people and a shower option I had a nice swim break.

Also I took lunch today and ordered patatas bravas and an avocado salad. This was too much but I ate up and was tired.

Fortunately I found a nice beach with a kind of a bench to enjoy a relaxing nap.

The tailwinds made cycling very easy so I drove by today’s destination.

Fortunately there was a Häagen-Dazs I came along that made me stop and enjoy an icream. Una tarrina con tres balas. A tub with three scoops 🙂 I sat on the terrace in a comfortable lounge chair with a view onto the Mediterranean.

By the way I saw that Benicarló layed actually behind me. So I realized the difference between head and tail winds. But not more than 10 minutes.

Nice mountains but not to climb 😉
The agave shore 😉
Along the coastline.
And another part.
From Amposta (Catalan) to Benicarló (Valencia) 51 km in 7 hours. GT 2.374 km.