41-23.06.-So-Miami – Amposta

Bang bang bang! No, no flat tires 😉 but Sant John or Saint Juan, June 24th.

The shortest night the longest day will be celebrated. It is tomorrow but it looks like they are going to start today 😉

Very common: the Sant John’s fires. Save fires of course. No mountain fires like in Tyrol because this would cause heavy bush fires.

And the young people use like it to bang hundreds of thousands of firecrackers and torpedoes.

Fortunately my bed is in the firth floor and I close the window.

Remembers me on Sylvester at home.

Today was a relaxed cycling day. Many beach promenades also Via Augusta (N 340).

After the tunnel at paradise beach I stopped and had a nice conversation with a young French how was obviously on great bicycle tour because of the pockets on his bike and the trailer. Also a little dog named Willem accompanied him.

He is from north west of France and since 9 months on tour and now heading for his home.

He recommended not to go to the Spanish interior because it’s very hot there. At Cordoba, he told me he faced 46 degrees centigrade. My weather app predicts 41 for Friday.

Enjoying a break under the umbrella pines.
The N340 follows the Roman road Via Augusta. So I believe to Cadiz – the starting point of EV 8 – it will be the shown distance.
Here to see the large shoulder and the downhill to the Mediterranean.
For today’s celebration Saint Juam in the nice village l’Amettla de Mar decorated their streets.
L’Amettla de Mar Port.
As you see I am impressed by these agaves 😉
At the end of the tunnel under railway and highway the paradise beach 😉
An unexpected irrigation channel. Again with absolutely clear water. Bike paths on both sides.
Nearly the whole area is under water for rice cultivation but here I have seen some artichoke fields. According to Wikipedia rice cultivation is the main economic factor here.
Today’s target Amposta lays on river Ebro or Ebru so I had to cross the bridge.
The river brings a lot of water. Surprisingly in this area of aridity. On the river shipping is seen. Ebro is the second largest river on the Iberia peninsula. Longest river is Tajo.
Area of drainage of Ebro. From Wikipedia.
The bridge from the city side. On the asphalt lots of independence signs. REPUBLICA. Catalan independence.
The Catalan flag to see on so many buildings.
This symbol of a ribbon is also very often to see. Either painted on roads or buildings or yellow ribbons on fences, ports etc. Symbol for the Catalan independence.
From Miami Platjes (beach) to Amposta in 7.5 hours for 57 km. GT 2.323 km.