40-22.06.-Sa-Sitges-Miami Beach

Today was no breakfast included so I started to the main road at Sitges and saw a crowd people in front of a shop and took a closer look. I had found the best bakery and coffee shop in town. I put myself into the queue so I had time to study what they talk, what clients ordered and how the staff worked. They are a good team and gave me no chance to make my order in Spanish. They talked in English.

I ordered one baguette for lunch and two croissant and a Cafe Americano.

The croissant were delicious and the same quality the French were!

After yesterday’s breakdown I started slowly. There were no difficulties with the track. More or less I drove along the beach promenade that was easy and relaxing.

Only sometimes I had to turn to the national road but there was a large shoulder so cycling was comfortable. Only a few but short climbs.

I took some breaks and listened to the radio at noon for one hour and took a nap on a bench after eating cheese and baguette.

Then I asked booking.com for a room and found one but 66 km to go. I said to myself I will be able to do it.

In the afternoon permanent headwinds arose.

It was really a long distance but after ten and a half hours I arrived at half past seven so I was ready to see the Yoga-vidya Saturday satsang online because I had dinner in the room with baguette and cheese and olives. The Spanish olives are really delicious! All food I had bought at SPAR an Austrian company 🙂

From Sitges to Miami Platja in 10,5 hours for 93 km. GT 2.266 km.