To leave such a huge city is quite difficult. Although there are lots of well signed bike paths throughout Barcelona this ends at the peripheral areas. And than barriers like rivers railway tracks or highways appear.

I decided to leave Barcelona by driving through Parc Montjuic. That meant I had to do a little climb of about 50 meters. After a few meters I had to get off the bike. I felt totally weak. Slowly I walked the bike up and layed on a bench for more than an hour. After this break I cycled again but very slowly.

Most of the road was without bike paths but lots of traffic. Unfortunately there was more or less no shoulder so I had the lorries on my tail especially during the climbs.

It seems there’s some indigestion but now in the evening I am hungry and enjoy spicy Indian dishes 😉

Last view over Barcelona. On the left side of the three chimneys the construction site of Sagrada Familia.
From Barcelona to Sitges. 49 km in 7 hours. GT 2.173 km.