38-20.06.-Th-Sagrada Familia

I organized an online ticket for 09:15 so I avoided to wait in the queue with hundreds of people.

I love this basilica so much! I was 5 hours there. The audio guided tour lasts 45 minutes 😉

I leaned to one of these huge pillars and looked. A few minutes later I made a one step forward surrounding the pillar stopped and looked. Only one step opens a totally different picture. To me it’s breathtaking and makes me moved and dignified and spontaneously tears were in my eyes.

Listening to the audio guide, reading on Wikipedia sitting on a stone bench, staying, walking round looking a video wall with a drone flight giving some outside and high angles.

Northeast: the nativity.
Look at this wealth of detail.
The Baldachin above the altar.
The bull symbol for the evangelist Lukas.
On the passion side outside to see. Jesus died in his age of 33. The sums of all lines and columns make 33. Also the diagonal sums.