The Benedictine Monastery Montserrat is located about 40 kilometers in the west of Barcelona. The sandstone mountains create special shapes as the pictures show.

I organized the journey there by Google.Maps. Although Google.Maps is fantastic in this situation it was the wrong means.

I started at the wrong station took the wrong train and stayed in the train despite it has arrived at the final station. Very embarrassing 🙁

But the staff was very patient and led me personally to the correct platform.

In such situations it would be very helpful to understand the language 😉

But on the other hand it was a fortune because I took the way up with the funicular railway despite I had only a ticket for the cable car.

Many people are heading for Montserrat to get healthy and especially women to get pregnant.

I need not to get pregnant and feel quite healthy so I decided to climb the highest mountain in 1.5 hours. To hike in these area surrounded by macchia and these special rocks was great 🙂

The Monastery is in a height of 700 and the summit on 1,200 meters.

The second funicular on the other side.
The Monastery surrounded by sandstone formations.
This sandstone looks a bit like the breccia at Innsbruck and Bregenz.
Done 🙂
The fingers 🙂
The yellow cabins of the rope way.