36-18.06.-Tu-Calella – Barcelona

The morning started with swimming 🙂

The breakfast was really cyclist like and gave me enough power to stay the constant headwinds.

After the Costa Brava day before the costal road was plane but this advantage was accompanied by constant headwinds and much traffic because two roads came together.

The day before I decided to stay two days and three nights at Barcelona and looked for a room.

On booking.com I couldn’t find so I tried for the first time airbnb. I found a nice apartment from superhost Carlos and he answered my request about bicycle garage immediately and was willing to host me so I started the booking procedure.

From there on everything went wrong. Carlos was willing but didn’t confirm my request. I wrote a lot he answered a few.

Then I told him to arrive at 4 pm. Answer at half past four. Check in will be later. I asked the time. One hour later his answer about 7:30.

Some doubts arose and my mood went down. The best place to wait: the southwest of Sagrada Familia with its topic passion of the Christ. 😉

I got a bench in the shadows and looked at the maddening crowd and at the basilica through the trees.

At 7 I decided to wait next to the apartment. I didn’t know the exact address had only seen on the airbnb map where it should be. I wrote Carlos road and number and waited.

At a quarter to eight I called airbnb for the second time this day. The lady offered to call Carlos and call me back asap. Half an hour later, the lady didn’t call, I canceled my request and booked a much more expensive hotel via booking.com and started cycling when the lady called back. So I drove on the bike path and talked to her 😉

On the way and already at Barcelona and on the beach I did a rest at a snack bar and enjoyed these fantastic patatas bravas. After Costa brava – patatas bravas 😉 by the way: in difference to Italy last year I always get analcolic beer 🙂

Bonsai olive trees?
The menu at the snack bar.
Sagrada – the first view to the nativity side. And crowds of people 😉
From Calella to Barcelona in about 7 hours with 54 km. GT 2.124 km.
And the big picture.