Is there a sixth sense? I don’t believe in but….

The EV 8 will end very soon so I will go my own way. But for about 100 km I could follow the bike path. From Palamos it turned to the hinterlands.

I was ambivalent whether I should follow the EV 8 as long as possible or follow the costal road.

Although I didn’t know about the beauty of Costa Brava and that I was in the thick of it I decided to take the costal road 🙂

Wow, what fantastic decision 🙂 Costa Brava is really marvelous. I would compare it to Costiera Amalfitana.

Part after part of this corniche is more and more beautiful. I had to stop and fill my heart with this marvelous views.

And all the time less traffic and only a few of testosterone driven motorbiker 😉

Apropos testosterone. The downhill…. Wow 😉

Oh, I forgot to mention that I took a swim in the morning 🙂

Ideal for jumping fun 🙂
What a wonderful intense color.
Blooming Indian fig.
Tossa de Mar.
How colorful.
Calella’s guests are quite young. Nice girly groups with hot pants like a nothing 😉
Google.Maps found this nice Indian restaurant with vegetarian and vegan delicious. But it was found by 26 Dutch men. They drink like many fish and so they laugh and scream heavily so my ears are threatened to get deaf 😉
From Palamos to Calella in about 8 hours. 68 km. GT 2.070 km.