33-14.06.-Fr-La Barcarès – La Boulou

I awoke by a deep loud noise this morning. Long time I didn’t realize where these noise came from. I fell asleep again and awoke by the same noise. A thunderstorm.

Because I fell asleep all the time I had no idea of time and thought this will be a never ending thunderstorm.

I started cycling at a quarter to ten. There was no breakfast at these apartment. It was located in a vacation resort. No one else was there.

But as I rode out of the resort I saw a grocery and bought a baguette, a tomato and a pain au chocolate. Cheese wasn’t available.

Then I found a park bench and took this breakfast.

I had decided to go to Perpignan to see the main station designed by Salvador Dali.

The weather was overcast with occasional rain. But only some rain so I didn’t need the rain dress.

Originally I planned to enter into Spain today. But there is a little climb and behind the border no village to get a B&B. Now I am about 10 kilometers to the border so I will do it tomorrow.

Perpignan station.
By the way: Dali was born in Figueres where I will drive along tomorrow.
A little lake with a view to the eastern Pyrenees.
Unbelievably huge this two agaves. The left one’s leaves are even died only the blossom is alive.
On the one hand this picture shows a steep downhill road I enjoyed and it shows the mountains with the border coming nearer.
Today’s tour from La Barcarès to La Boulou in about 7 hours with 52 km. GT 1.821 km.