32-13.06.-Th-Narbonne-La Barcarès

Today I was really late as I started. But had enjoyed a hearty breakfast.

As I was late arriving yesterday I did a little sightseeing tour through Narbonne. Obviously today was the market day.

Next I drove to the shopping malls outside the city and found an Intersport and bought two pairs of disc brake pads because they were due to change.

One pair was 19,95 Euro. Okay this was the better version. The classic ones I would have got for 17,95 €.

Last year in the middle of Italy I bought one pair with montage for 8 Euro with a bill!

I can’t unterstand how this huge difference can be explained.

After a few minutes of cycling I was back to the channel path again and soon found a park bench in the sun and decided to change the pads.

It was helpful that I helped the Italian mechanic to change the front wheel break pads. So I knew how and how easy it works.

Nearly one hour then the maintenance was done.

Today’s tour was diversified. Dirty and rough roads along the channel. Dirty but fast roads. Not dirty but rough roads. Main roads. On a dam with sweet water on the one and sea water at the other side. Lagoon landscapes with their special fragrance I like very much. Also I had a steep climb but on plateau I then drove was so lonesome, rural and silent. Headwinds as well as tailwinds.

The pink bougainvillea, the light blue window shutters and the white of the amazingly smelling jasmine. Narbonne.
Cathedral Saint-Just et Saint-Pasteur.
Here should stay the nave. But it was never built. To less money and other troubles. So only the choir is used as a church.
The altar.
And the organ.
Bicycle maintenance.
The channel to the right. The lagoon and sea to the left. Under these old and huge parasol pine.
From left to right: lagoon, bike path, channel, lagoon. This bike path was a high speed dirt track 😉
A typical bathing beach.
After lagoons are dried out they are used for a special type of windsurfing 😉
And also kyte surfing 😉
Because of their size I believe they are mules not donkeys.
With this stairway I was able to cross the railway. Two times with the luggage and then the bike.
From Narbonne to La Barcarès in 8,5 hours with 62 km makes a GT of 1.821 km.