31-12.06.-We-Agde – Narbonne

Really, there was no cloud in the sky. But it was cold. Okay 5 degrees warmer than yesterday but nevertheless cold. Cold for me 😉 At Narbonne, where I arrived at 7 pm were only 18 degrees.

I was glad to cycle the Canal du Midi. Very often I spent a Look on this channel. I love the French channel system and the slow kind of traveling by houseboat.

With the bicycle I am more than twice as fast as the boats are although this towpaths are only dirt track. It’s a contemplative life there on these houseboats. About 10 years ago I was captain on a houseboat for a week in the north of France. One disadvantage on the boat is that on most of the Route you see only the bank of the river. Mostly you have no over- or wider view.

It was a really rough dirt road today and about 90 %. I had to be fully concentrated to keep the narrow lane. However it happened that I was to late to avoid a pothole.

I am really impressed that the bicycle is able to take all these holes and strokes.

Starting at the channel.
Beziers is nice little town with a huge alameda and in the middle of it another square with a water game called Fontaine Musicale. That provide so many places to sit down and enjoy or to stroll around or to join one of the bars and restaurants.
Beziers‘ mighty cathedral Saint-Nazaire.
The famous 9 staircase locks built in the 17th century. Boats are raised a height of 21.5 meters.
A poster of the 9 staircase lock.
And some information.
What a nice bike path.
Next to a village many boats are landed.
Marvelous landscape of hills.
Take a break.
At this junction I left the Canal du Midi and turned southwards along Canal de Jonction direction Narbonne and Spain.
This part of the map shows a gap. The EV 8 on the one and on the other side of the river. But how to cross? Crazy! I’ve seen before so I saw that there is a way to go around. Was only a small detour.
This little village next to Narbonne was remarkable. Driving through I immediately saw there is something different. It was sooo clean. Extraordinary! Normally villages here are more or less dirty especially lots of doggie do that you have to be careful walking on the basement. But not so Cuxac. As proper as at Innsbruck even more.
The backside of a Palais at Narbonne in the evening sun.
Today’s tour from Agde to Narbonne in 9.5 hours and 90 km. GT 1.759 km.