29-10.06.-Mo-Montpellier – Agde

This morning I overslept and got up at 08:45.

It started cloudy same than yesterday. But the wind was with me so I made easy kilometers and after about ten kilometers it was time to put on the rain dress. The drops has got larger and more.

After driving about 20 minutes I was dry outside but wet inside so I put off the rain dress and didn’t need it today again.

After a while the wind turned to headwinds and accompanied me until destination Agde.

It was a pretty nice and easy trip along the channel Rhone – Sete.

Sometimes the sea on the left side and on the other the lagoon.

On a kind of a bridge on river Lez at Montpellier.
Interesting architecture at Montpellier.
The rain.
Vinyard before lagoon before sea 🙂
The water in the lagoon seems to be shallow.
The channel to the left. The lagoon to the right.
Cathedral Saint-Etienne at Agde and before river Herault.
Also L’Herault with view direction to the Mediterranean.
Nice houseboat on L’Herault. Canal de midi starts at Agde so there are many of these boats. France is the land of houseboats and I am quite sure it is possible to go to Paris by houseboat.
Montpellier – Agde in about 7 hours with 69 km. GT 1.669.
Opulent jasmine. It smells so wonderful.
Street of Agde.
Cidre 🙂 reminds me of Brittany 1988.
Galette number 1 with cheese. Galette is made of buckwheat.
Galette number 2 with another cheese.
And the dessert Crêpe with chocolate, candit orange peel, flambe with whiskey 🙂
Start of the Canal du Midi at Agde.