27-08.06.-Sa-Istres – Arles

Yesterday I have got support by the wind. Today I had about two third of the distance headwinds.

So things change or like French people like to say: c’est la vie 🙂

I made it to Arles a famous city because of the Roman landmarks like Roman Amphitheater (90 AD – 25,000 audience) , Roman Theatre (25 BC – 12,000 audience) and Roman thermae.

Arles is also famous for their bullfights that are different to the Spanish ones because bulls will not be killed. The Razeteur tries to pick the Cocarde (tassels) from the bull’s horns. The bulls are breded to be as aggressive as possible. The bullfights takes place in the Amphitheatre.

Bullfights a great tradition here. By the way: the horns of French bulls are breded upwards the Spanish ones towards.
After fighting a long time against headwinds on main roads I enjoyed this rural area with olive trees, farmland, gurgling noises from irrigation and an air filled with lots of different fragrances and less traffic.
If under a tree the asphalt is dark almost every time the reason are mulberries. I paused and enjoyed the delicious fruits 🙂
A little roebuck.
And maybe one of those typical Camargue horses.
The painting by Vincent van Gogh. 1888\89 he lived in Arles.
And the original coffee shop and restaurant. On Google.Maps it got only a 2.9 by reviews.
Cathedral Saint Trophime.
… Inside
… A painting.
The cathedral from the other side.
The Roman Theatre.
The Amphitheater.
Once again.
A view into the arena.
Doors for small and slim people.
How intense and sweet this jasmine smells.
Nice little alleyway.
This evening I joined Moroccan dinner. This was the starter.
And couscous with vegetables and a delicious sauce was the main course 🙂
52 km in 5 hours from Istres to Arles. GT 1.511 km.