26-07.06.-Fr-Marseille – Istres

This morning was a bit colder also the sea because of Mistral. Nevertheless I put snorkel, diving goggles and flippers and took a wonderfully refreshing swim.

After I went to the Boulangerie and enjoyed breakfast in the sunshine on the terrace.

How quickly routines are implemented 😉

It drove through Marseille again and said goodbye to the old port and all the places I had been and had enjoyed.

I had to consult the map very often to find the best way out.

There were some clouds and it seemed they follow me. But the wind was with me today so I soon could leave the clouds behind me. The wind was and is really heavy and I am glad that he helped me. Sometimes I drove unbelievably fast.

Norman Foster’s umbrella 😉
The ferry boat’s chimney to see behind this warehouse. This caused an idea. To take this corsica ferry boat to Ajaccio cycle to Bonifacio, take the ferry boat to Santa Teresa di Galura (Sardegna) and cycle to Porto Torres in the west and take a boat to Barcelona. About half an hour hour and while biking I thought on this. Finally I casted away this idea 😉
A view through one of the many entrances of the mall „Le Docks“. Very nice style.
Some clouds. But they don’t look like the typical Mistral clouds.
View back to Marseille. The Basilique Notre-Dame du la Garde is the landmark.
No Olympic flame but the one of a refinery.
There’s no way to pass this bridge.
Fortunately I found these ferry service 🙂
Don’t pay the ferry man… This service was for free.
Looks like a little Venice.
The name of the village: Martigues on the lagoon „Etang de Berre“.
Lovely channel.
Rough sea in the lagoon. With white crest on some waves.
Mister Jonathan Livingston seagull likes the wind.
From Marseille to Istres. 63 km. 6 hours. GT: 1.459 km. Here you see the huge lagoon. As I have learned in the MuCEM were these lagoons in the Mediterranean places for the first settlements because there is a milder climate than on the seaside and enough groundwater.