Swimming at 8 as usual. Pretty cold but absolutely fantastic and refreshing.

Today the Boulangerie was open again so I got delicious baguette, pain au chocolate and Croissant. I enjoyed breakfast in the morning sun on my small terrace.

At about 12 I took the bus to the old harbor and bought a ticket for the great tour to the Calanques lasting more than 3 hours.

The sea was rough so I was wet within five minutes. I changed from the front deck to under deck 😉

The rain clothes would have been helpful.

Nevertheless it was a nice excursion along the coastline to charming village Cassis.

After coming back to the old port I went to a shopping mall because of their firth floor terrace with an delightful view over the Mediterranean.

Although the speaker on board of the excursion boat gave his informations only in French I understood sometimes Mistral. I thought he is wrong because I felt the wind coming from the south.

But as I sat on the terrace and enjoyed dinner it became cold and I put on the primaloft jacket although the sun was shining brightly. At this time I remembered the Mistral the captain or speaker said.

Charming Calanques.
Hiking is possible in these amazing area but restricted between June and September because of the dangers of bushfire and to protect flora and fauna.
View from the terrace of the shopping mall „Terrasses du port“
Evening sunlight.
Again the Norman Foster umbrella.