I got up at 8 and went to „my“ bay to swim. Nobody there. At the apartment I’ve found flippers, diving goggles and a snorkel.

The water was quite cold firstly but it is so fantastic to swim in the morning.

After swimming I went to the Boulangerie and the supermarket but the supermarket wasn’t yet opened and the Boulangerie closed on Wednesday.

So I started my sightseeing tour with a half hour walk to the church called „good mother“, the Basilique Notre-Dame de la Garde.

This church is a landmark at Marseille because build on a hill about 130 meters above sea level.

From there I took the bus to the old port the touristic center of Marseille where I got coffee and croissant.

Such strengthened I walked through the city to the artists district Cours Julien with its nice decorated buildings bars and restaurants.

Next to visit was the Marseille cathedral. Bigger but not that nice like the Notre-Dame this church offered wonderful choral singing over the loudspeaker. So I sat down next to a loudspeaker set the timer on half an hour closed my eyes and enjoyed these wonderful singing.

I also like Gregorian Chants very much and also the monotonous Muslim La Ilahe Illallah what brings me quicker and deeper in trance than the chorus singing I was listening today.

Surfaced from these meditation I directed my boots to the MuCEM the Musee des civilisationes de l’Europe et de Mediterrane.

Here I learned a lot about the Mediterranean and its civilization from ancient history up to now.

Also I learned about „Art brut“ a painting style invented by Jean Dubuffet.

The museum itself is great architecture surrounded by the sea.

Basilica Notre-Dame de la Garde. The bell called Marie-Josephine weights 8.234 kg. On top of the tower is a statue of the Virgin Mary 11,2 meters high. Photographed from the Coffeeshop at the old harbor.
Fantastic inside with the altar.
Great view over Marseille.
Here the Cours Julien starts with the graffitis on the buildings.
Are you confused? It’s the famous „Ombriere“ a giant mirror designed by Norman Foster 😉
Venice? No, Marseille!
A concept store and an iconic Marseille ambassador.
Cathedral de la Major.
The altar with the ciborium above the altar. The ciborium is Latin and means drinking cup. It is also called Baldachin.
A view from behind the altar ciborium.
On the way to the MuCEM.
A Cairo means of transport.
Three different views on Marseille.
View from the terrace in the fourth floor of the museum through its facade.
Pretty nice view from the top of the museum especially from the Fort Saint-Jean that is connected with a bridge to the MuCEM. This picture shows the hilly landscape in and around Marseille and the old harbor.
The gleaming evening sunlight.