23-04.06.-Tu-Aix – Marseille

After a breakfast in a Boulangerie with two coffees and 6 Brioches I started the short distance to Marseille. The map showed 20 km beeline. Finally I drove 40 km.

There was no separate bike path. I had to follow the main road with lots of traffic that increased the nearer I came to Marseille.

But most of the the roads provide a shoulder of about 1 meter done in a lighter asphalt that is respected by car drivers. So I felt safe. Only the exhaust gases…

I expected the road going down to the Mediterranean but there was a permanent up and down. From time to time were gusty headwinds.

For cycling the Mistral (wind from the north) would have been a support. But on the other hand the Mistral is cold. That would have been uncomfortable for swimming 😉

Nearly half the distance I drove through the city. This was really easy because I had to follow the main road to the southest point of Marseille always straight forward.

I used the strategy I used to last year in Italy especially in Sicily: don’t hesitate but go! That works perfect. Everybody stops and let me go as soon as they see such a curious biker with red and orange luggage and a helmet and hiking boots 😉

I found a nice apartment at the sea a bit outside the city. Firstly I started the washing machine. Clothes were due to. Secondly I went to the sea, only 2 minutes and had a swim. It’s so great pleasure to me to swim in the Mediterranean 🙂 I love it.

After this fantastic refreshing swim I walked to the supermarket and bought some olives and cheese and baguette and enjoyed lunch on my terrace.

After that I layed down and fell asleep. The last days I felt tired all the time. So I enjoyed it to cancel all sightseeing plans. I will do sightseeing Marseille tomorrow and overmorrow and will leave on Friday.

The Eglise des Reformes was the first impression at Marseille.
The second impression the Mediterranean sea.
Lunchtime on my little terrace.
Today from Aix-en-Provence to Marseille. 40 kilometers and 4 hours.
Lans – Marseille 1.396 kilometers.