22-03.06.-Mo-Saint Martin – Aix-en-Provence

Today’s destination was Aix-en-Provence. And on the way the end of river Verdon. Not the end but his „migration“ to river Durance.

After a few kilometers I was on the bike path EV 8 (EuroVelo 8) again from Cadiz to Athens and Cyprus. I have followed the EV 8 from a bit after Mantua to Torino. But I followed only some kilometers because EV 8 makes a detour round Aix-en-Provence and Marseille in their north.

I will meet EV 8 again at Arles.

About one third of today’s tour was a real bike path sometimes dirt track.

At Vinon- Zur-Verdon I was very aware to find the junction to the confluence of Verdon and Durance.

I thought that will be easy to find because people are interested to visit this place like – for example – the German Eck at Koblenz where the Mosel flows into the Rhein.

But there was no public place to find on my map. Only a way to Chateau de Cadarache was shown.

So I was on the look-out for this junction. On a road sign I saw ITER and my brain started working and I was immediately excited.

Was this really ITER? I knew that the construction place is in the south of France but really here on my way.

Even since 10 km I saw about 5 cranes on the horizon to the left.

I followed the shown direction and yes there was ITER!

On www.iter.org or better on Wikipedia you can find informations on these fundamental and fantastic scientific project. It’s even more outstanding than the Large Hadron Collider at CERN Geneva.

ITER’s motto is UNLIMITED ENERGY. Nuclear fusion. Not nuclear fission the principle that is based on current nuclear power plants. It is the art our sun produces energy permanently and unlimited.

In this YouTube Harald Lesch an astrophysicist explains in 14 minutes this system and of course how the sun works 😉

Today I felt like an exhaust gas filter: inhale exhale inhale exhale….

But finally I arrived at Aix-en-Provence a pretty nice little village where I will stay for one night and tomorrow continuing for Marseille.

Tiny little Verdon 😉

A bit more water.
Great again 😉
Back on EV 8 and also red poppies are back.
Greenhouses. But no greenhouse gas but green energy.
Sun on earth. Well, a small sun providing unlimited energy.
Here Verdon flows into Durance. Verdon is the water on the right side.
Ruin of Roman aqueduct at Meyrargues
The black pavilion at Aix-en-Provence where the Conservatoire Darius Milhaud is located.
The Fontaine de la Rotonde marks the beginning of the famous Cours Mirabeau at Aix-en-Provence.
From Saint Martin to Aix-en-Provence in 6 hours and 68 km. In total I drove 1.356 km.