21-02.06.-Su- Saint Julien – Saint-Martin-de-Bromes

Today I was really happy to cycle again. The hotel was very old and the room was extremely small so I didn’t feel well and couldn’t deeply relax. Also I feel better in the evening after a number of kilometers done.

For the third time I drove the same way along river Verdon. Near the half of the way existes the way to the left (a gauche) or to the right (a droit). I took the right one. So I had to do some climbs of about 700 meters but quite easy.

At the beginning it was a bit cold. Later and more in the height of the valley and on the right side it was really warm. I enjoyed it very much.

On the other hand mostly there was lots of traffic with lots of exhaust gases.

At the beginning it ran easy because downwards. During the climbs I didn’t feel so strong. But that should be normally because my muscles of the upper legs feel weak and hurt of sore muscles. I have sore muscles every day since I started. This is the same experience than last year.

At a Col I took a brake with a fantastic view to the gorge. I had eaten too much and it took about an hour until I felt better.

From 4 to 6 pm I felt full of power and made lots of kilometers. Also because of the permanent but light downhill. Also the sometimes occurring headwinds couldn’t really stop my run.

A kayak on the Verdon.
The highest point today.
View from Col d’Ayen and my picnic place. The alternative route seems to be less high
The picnic place.
I was visited by this lovely ladybug.
The end of the canyon with hundreds of boats.
The famous bridge „Pont du Galatea“ and Lac de Sainte-Croix.
Last view back.
Vive la Provence – the first lavender field.
Red poppies are back 😉