20-01.06.-Sa-Lac Castillon

The past two days I drove to Castellane two times and back to the hotel again. At the end of Lac Castillon I saw a boat rental and decided to paddle a bit.

So I pedaled there and took a one person kayak for two hours.

The weather was nice. Some clouds. Some winds too. It was a bit cold because the kayak had some holes in its bottom so I sat on the water.

To kayak was a wonderful variaty.

To see: the tectonic movement in this area.
After dinner I walked through the little village Saint-Julien-du-Verdon with its 20 buildings. Here a view over the yacht harbor 😉 with the last rays of the sunshine.
After there are no motorbikes anymore one is able to enjoy silent views over the lake.
Sunshine goes on.
One water well……
… And the other.
Doesn’t look like Saturday night fever but back in the hotel Disco sound roared through the papier-mache walls 😉
Saint-Julien-du-Verdon in the morning after.