19-31.05.-Fr-Verdon Canyon

This morning I was ready for breakfast at 7 am but breakfast was in a delay 😉

So I started at half past eight to Rougon the perfect place to start the Sentier Blanc-Martel through the Verdon canyon.

After 32 km cycling and two and a half hours later I arrived at 11 am at the parking space.

The path is very nice. Up and down all the time. At the river and high above gives impressive views to the river getting his way through the gorge.

At the end of my trip was the huge and steep stairway with its 252 steps.

I started from the northern endpoint and walked about 8 km before I had to turn to come back to the hotel at a good time. Finally I arrived at 7 pm.

Also interesting are the two tunnels at the beginning. The first one is 652 meters and the second 110 meters long – according to Wikipedia.

I tried to go without light but it was really not possible. So I used the mobile to light my way.

But there was a interesting effect. Walking in the dark absolutely alone I relaxed immediately and totally and felt so calm like during meditation.

After the trip I had to pedal back to Saint Julien. This time with a climb of about 300 meters. I needed only half an hour longer although I had a stop at a bar at Castellane where I drunk one Liter bear without alcohol. I had to less water so I was really thursty 😉

Le Verdon.
Here you see the entrance to the path.
And the gorge.
The tunnel – 652 meters.
Light at the end of the tunnel.
Red poppies again and huge mulleins.
This mullein is taller than me.
In this arena there is so much gorse, maybe broom with its bold color.
More broom 🙂
Wonderful colored rocks.
With the stairway built in the 1920 s and totally renewed in 2010.
Rock shelters available 🙂
Nice stretch of the path.
Brooms again. The air was heavy of their fragrance. I didn’t know that they are smelling so intensively. So I cannot describe it. Of course heavy rather sweet. I like it.
The huge and brown rocks again.
After hiking I cooled my feet in the Verdon.
A view along the road.
Castellane’s landmark during the golden hour.