Today started with a confusion about what I will do and where I will go.

Today is holiday and bright sunshine so French people are doing the same than all people do. They want to enjoy nature and so they travel.

On booking.com only one room was available. But this room is about one and a half hours by bike away from Rougon the starting point of the Verdon canyon hiking trip, called Sentier Blanc-Martel.

The alternative was tent at a campground. So I took the last room for three nights.

Because this hotel was only 7 km from yesterday’s hotel I checked in at 11 and started to an exploratory trip by bike.

I drove to Castellane and forward to Jabron and back to Castellane on an other path with a 400 meters climb. From Castellane to the hotel I had to do a 200 m climb. Unfortunately there is no alternative.

Lac de Castillon and part of the emerald Verdon.
The hydroelectric dam. The power plant uses the difference of 200 to Castellane.
Narrow road in the Gorges de Verdon.
Robin. The highest point (1.050) on my way back.
Fantastic gorge on my downhill to Castellane.
Castellane’s landmark.
The church over there is the one on the landmark.
Today’s 70 km tour. I was surprised that I met at this narrow and unknown road motorbikes. During dinner at the hotel’s restaurant I talked to Daniel a Swiss motorbiker. He is owner of a 25.000 € BMW. The on board navigation allows to choose „curvy road“. So I unterstand why I met some few bikers 😉