17-29.05.-We- Col d’Allos

Today was so wonderful 🙂

But before writing about today I want to step back to the experiences yesterday.

Yesterday I had a total breakdown. I have „forgotten“ to eat. In the morning, as I mentioned 2 croissant and a cup of coffee. Because I couldn’t find a creperie like the day before I ate nothing. At the pass was a little bar but it was cloudy so I tried to go down asap to keep myself dry and avoid to get into a rain shower.

Going down was easy but the nearly 20 km more or less plane at the bottom of the valley were terrible. On the one hand there were headwinds and on the other my mood was bad my muscles hurted and all I wanted to do was to lay down and sleep at the roadside. Of course I didn’t 😉

Initially I thought I am feel weak and tired because of the height I had climbed. There was no idea about to less eating.

Finally I arrived at the hotel took a shower and laid down and slept more than one hour.

Not until then it dawned on me that I have eaten to less. So I ate a mixed salad, tortellini with mushrooms, a cheese plate and a desert and lots of bread.

Today started with a hearty breakfast in the hotel. Also I bought a piece of cheese and a baguette as a sack lunch.

Also I gave nutrition to the bicycle 😉 I pumped up the rear wheel tire. That made cycling significantly easier. By the way: meanwhile I prefer to pump up with the little pump I got with the bicycle. It works very well.

Also the blue sky and the bright sunshine made the day so great. And about four fifths of the road were at the sunny side of the valley so I enjoyed the warmth.

For example the larches. Green in the lower parts of the valley without leafs over 2.000.

Or the marmots whistling so loud. On of these cute small rodents was alarmed by me and he ran over a small snowfield and jumped into his den.

Lots of blooming flowers. Unbelievable different greens. Marvelous formations of mountains. Snow fields.

I stopped nearly every 100 meters to have a look or take a picture.

There was less traffic so I mostly could take the left lane and got lots of views down to the valleys and Gorges. Sometimes really high.

Interesting to myself was that I had to revise my last year’s statement that I will never climb a pass again. This I stated after climbing the timmelsjoch with the terrible sounds of the motorbikes.

But here and now (May instead of August) it was totally different. Okay there were motorbikes but a lot less than at Timmelsjoch and less testosterone driven. Sometimes they lifted their helmets and I saw their grey hair 😉 the youngsters will bike in their vacation in summer. Now only the elderly have time.

So I feel that this pass riding is addictive.

Maybe I become one of these pass hunters 😉

Barcelonnette this morning.
And again.
Wonderful mountain. I joined the Col d’Allos to get to the source of river Verdon.
A bicycle artwork 🙂
Because Col d’Allos isn’t part of the Route des Grandes Alpes the information signs were les informativ. But on the other hand less motorbikes and tourists.
Here we can see the pass. The deepest part of the snow.
Not poppies but nice too.
Narrow road.
A side valley.
Half distance.
Now the road turns to the west and opens new views.
Maybe a kind of daisies.
At this altitude the larches are green.
The way on the other side of the gorge I came.
The incline of 7 % for me is quite comfortable.
After driving round the side valley I am back with direction south.
The way I have to go.
6 % very comfortable 🙂
This way is done 🙂
Not so much snow than on Col d’Izoard but I found some 😉
It isn’t the way it looks like. The pass isn’t straight forward but there is a bend to the right after this building.
Last view back with the village Barcelonnette I started.
Here it is 🙂
The after work party with cheese, baguette and water.
Enjoy the break my view is on the snow opposite and the lifts. So I feel like in winter times sitting on a summit after skitouring up.
A cool downhill waits on me 🙂
Here I saw him for the first time! River Verdon is the reason for the way I chosed. To visit the Verdon canyon was one fixed point in my travel plans. I thought I will follow these famous river from his source until he flows into river Durance.
Verdon and his source area.
Now he is my companion 🙂
Verdon meandering through a wide riverbed. Remembers me to the great three day canoe ride on Tagliamento in 2016 with Lukas and Alex.
Today’s hotel. Lake and forest. The lake is Lac de Castillo.
From Barcelonnette to Saint Andre-sur-alpes. 74 km. 8,5 hours. By the way: 1.000 km are done 🙂