16-28.05.-Tu-Col de Vars

Last night it rained heavily.

This morning was cloudy no blue sky to see and colder than yesterday.

As breakfast wasn’t included I drove to the center of the village (only 3 minutes away) and wanted to go to a bar for brioche and coffee.

But at the main square no bar was open – 9 pm!

But there was a Boulangerie with 3 little tables and seats in front.

I bought one croissant and one pain o chocolate and a nespresso coffee. So I sat down at one of the tables in front and enjoyed the delicious Brioches and watched the peoples in the streets.

Then I started to the mountain pass.

With 19 km the same distance than yesterday but 200 meters less high.
The Route des Grandes Alpes starts at Lake Geneva crosses 16 passes and ends at Menton at the Cote d’Azur after about 700 km and was partly opened in 1913 according to Wikipedia. That’s the reason to meet many motorcycles.
Very cloudy.
View over Guillestre.
Nice valley.
The clouds rise a bit and show snowy mountains.
The village Vars offers a little downhill.
Half way done. In distance as well as in height.
Les-Claux with impressive clouds covering the mountain.
At this point I put on the rain dress because it started drizzling. It wasn’t really to hot because it was much colder than yesterday.
A ski resort in the off season always looks a bit lost.
To cold to swim 😉
Done 🙂
A view to the south with white mountains.
I looked forward to the 1.000 meters downhill 🙂
Arrived at today’s target. In the 19th century many people from Barcelonnette emigrated to Mexico. Some of them became rich. After coming home again they built huge villas, so called Villas Mexicaines according to Wikipedia.
From Guillestre in 50 km and 6 hours to Barcelonnette.