15-27.05.-Mo-Col d’Izoard

Today I enjoyed an entertaining breakfast. There was an elder man from the Nederlands. I talked to him in German he understood and talked quite well.

A few minutes later the 2 bicycle guys came in. I have seen them in the evening before coming to the B&B.

One of them talked German too. Originally he came from Romania lived several years in France and now in Germany at lake Bodensee where he is working with Dornier.

This two guys would also climb the Col d’Izoard. I started at 9 and expected to see these young guys soon overtaking me. But I met them first in a little restaurant one the other side of the pass.

As I already had finished my „after work party“ with a delicious cheese Crêpes and a nonalcoholic beer they came in to warm up and eat.

I did the climb very well. I needed 4 hours for the 20 kilometers and 1.200 meters up. I am happy getting it done 🙂

In the restaurant at Guillestre this evening I met an interesting elderly lady and had nice talks to her. I was sitting outside as she entered the restaurant and asked me something in French. She also talked some words in German because her mother in the 1920 s was born at Innsbruck. She was a real globetrotter. Born at Venice and lived in Norway, London, Zürich, Frankfurt, Paris, New York, Geneva and now in Guillestre 🙂

She was happy to get the opportunity to talk to me in English to practice. She showed me a Norwegian book that she always reads in the restaurant, not today 🙂 more or less we talked about one and a half hours. At the end she said I am the most sympathic Austrian guy she ever met 🙂

Voila 🙂
What a service 🙂
But this is my absolute favorite! A separate lane for cyclists. Although there wasn’t much traffic it gives a better feeling to be secure.
Nice village Cervieres.
Half distance 🙂
The next little village with wonderful snow fields in the background.
The same original village from the other side.
Fantastic snowy mountains.
2.000 🙂
A view back to Cervieres.
Only two km left and the snow comes closer.
The clouds getting darker the snow gets higher.
A bit of similarity to the dolomites.
The lonesome snow bike…..
….. Reached today’s target 🙂
View to the south. Putting on the rain wear to enjoy the 1.200 meters down.
Interesting scenery with a little climb again.
And a view back to Col d’Izoard.
Climbing makes hungry 😉
Intens emerald green water in the Gorges du Guil.
Cycling along Gorges du Guil about 5 kilometers before my today’s target.
In total 52 km, thereof 20 km and 1.200 m up, 6,5 hours. From Briançon to Guillestre.