The weather is a bit better but also cloudy and some showers with temperatures of 10 in the morning. But also some hours with nice sunshine.

I decided for a hiking trip to the Croix du Toulouse in the north and high above the historic city and the Fort Salettes.

With sightseeing at the historic city and the Fort it took me about three a half hours to reach the summit.

The way back down was easy, comfortable and ecologically 🙂 A young veterinarian scientist gave me a ride in her Renault Zoe e-car. Going down the car was even recharged.

I met the lady at the summit while I took shelter in an old ruined building. I told her not to speak French but English.

Firstly she was shy and said she doesn’t speak English but then she tried and as I was speaking slowly and clear she became more courageous. Especially because she will visit New York in the near future.

One of the three entrance gates to the historic city.
Everywhere in Europe there is a Way of St. James / Camino de Santiago trail.
One shop in the old town.
Nice alleyway and a few to the bell tower of the Notre Dame church.
Another alleyway with a view onto the second bell tower.
View over the roofs with the church Notre Dame.
An alphorn in this shop window.
The main alley.
Fortress entrance.
Stairway to the fortress.
Fort Salettes.
Some information about the genesis at Fort Salettes.
This overview shows distinctly the strategic importance of Briançon and the reason why there are so many fortresses.
Fortunately I found shelter in a ruin.
This was the mountain I climbed today. Also to see church Notre Dame with its two bell towers.