Lazy day. With Wi-Fi troubles and cell phone troubles. But everything fine now.

In the early afternoon the sun was shining and I started for coffee and cake and to the Rosenheim garden. The chocolate cake was fine the Cappuccino a desaster. Never drink Cappuccino or eat icecream in France 😉

As I left the coffee shop it was raining. So I took shelter in front of a land agency. The prices for flats and houses at Briançon are about 3 to 5.000 Euro.

Then I entered a Boulangerie / bakery and was surprised by the large variety of delicious looking breads. Also dark black bread was on offer. I decided to take a crunchy baguette.

At the bio / organic store I bought cheese and olives for dinner at home to avoid a rain walk because I don’t have an umbrella in my luggage.

So I had time to write the weblog and to learn Spanish.

For example: cheese, fromage, formaggio, queso, Käse. Here the english, the Spanish and the German sound similar!? And French and Italian.

Or: breakfast (a fast break sounds like fast-food), Frühstück (early piece?), colazione, desajuno, petit dejeuner. Here maybe the French and the Spanish are a bit similar.

My B&B. Older than the skis in front of it. And as old as the nice and helpful host.
Simply fantastic. These veterans push me back into the 60 s. Look at the boots to lace. And the bindings with only a toe part and the leather made fang belt.
And here the legendary Marker the revolutionary and leading binding systems in the 50 s and 60 s. Here only the toe binding. Not here the Rotamat, innovative heel binding of 1965 that got the nickname „explodamat“ because it was hardly to re-set after it had opened 😉 see on Wikipedia.
As you see: 2.15 meters. The longer the better. Ideally for going schuss. But not for carving 😉
La Durance flowing into Le Rhone at Avignon.