12-24.05.-Fr-Perosa Argentina – Briançon

I bought some delicious bread and one eighth of butter, one croissant and 6 cookies at the panificio in front of the apartment and enjoyed breakfast.

At about nine one hour earlier as normally 🙂 I started because I knew I had to climb 1.400 meters to colle sestriere.

My knee felt fine. Preventively I creamed the bonset cream (beinwell).

As written 1.400 meters up and about 40 kilometers. That means it wasn’t very steep.

After about 5,5 hours and a cheese sandwich brake at a bar I arrived at the pass.

Fortunately during my rest at the bar a little shower of rain felt so I must not dress the rain clothes.

After a visit in the Chapel to say thanks to the Lord for the power to do the climb so fine I prepared for the 700 meters downhill to Cesana.

At this time I firstly realized that there will be another climb. I didn’t see before. Nevertheless I enjoyed the downhill with 54 kmh highest speed – according to the LocusMap.

While dashing down I saw a fox. Yes, really a fox! But it was a horrible but lucky situation at the same time.

Sometimes while driving I tried to look back to see whether a car is behind. If not I could use the whole wideness of the street.

So I did. Turning my head forward again I saw the fox crossing the street only two meters in front of me.

Arriving at Cesena I undressed my rain clothes filled the water bottles at the water well and started to climb the next 500 meters to Claviere and Col Di Montgenevre.

After some sharp bends I arrived after a bit more than one hour at the second pass. In this moment it started to rain so I had to dress the rain clothes again and did the last meters up and turned into France.

The downhill to Briançon I also enjoyed very much. The rain stopped soon so I arrived at Briançon with some sunshine.

Now I looked to find my booked B&B but neither phone nor internet service were available. I saw that the provider (HOT) had texted me to send me a welcome to France.

So I had to check LocusMap for the B&B. Fortunately I found the street there so it was easy to navigate there.

At the B&B Wi-Fi is available but it breaks down nearly every hour so I have to ask my host for a reset.

Actually I saw that it had not been necessary to do the climb to Sestriere. If I had chosen to go through Val di Susa (the next valley in the north) I would have arrived directly at Cesana Torinese. So I did an extra climb of 700 meters 😉 so I learn to be more careful while planning the route.

I started at km 53.
A look ahead shows wintery landscape.
The pass is open 🙂
The snow comes closer.
Only about 10 km left.
Winter sports at Pragelato.
5 ski jumps 😉
Wonderful snow mountains.
Nice historic houses I came along.
View back after the second sharp bend.
Nearly done.
Just arrived 🙂
Sestriere ski resort.
An Olympic performance 😉
Inside of holy Edward.
… and outside.
View from Sestriere to France.
Another view from Sestriere to the Maritime Alpes.
What a wonderful view.
Now I can see the sharp turns of the next climb.
Entrance to Cesana Torinese downtown 😉
Col di Montgenevre also opened 😉
Half way done of the 7 km climb. View back to Cesana.
And a look forward to Claviere and a cyclists tunnel. The new tunnel forbidden for bicycles but the old one exclusively for bikes 🙂
Arrived. But another 60 meters and 1 kilometer left to Col di Montgenevre.
Pretty nice village Claviere. What are the dark clouds to expect?
Vive la France 🙂 first rain drops.
The rain came quick. I had to hurry up dressing.
The new gaiters are excellent and keep my feet dry.
Another and meanwhile closer view to the Maritime Alpes.
Arrived 🙂 twin city: Rosenheim. So there is a Rosenheim garden.
Fort des Tetes.
And another of several fortresses. There were lots of fightings in history. In 1815 the Austrians failed to conquer the city and in 1940 the Italians, Wikipedia tells.
Very interesting wateriness on both legs above the edge of socks. After using the toilet four times this night my legs are as slim as before 😉
72 kilometers – 1.900 meters up – 9 hours.