11-23.05.-Th-Torino-Perosa Argentina

The thunderstorm last night cleared the sky. No clouds and bright sunshine.

I started about 4 kilometers back to get to river Po and drove along to about Pancalieri. From there I followed Pellice and later Torrente Chisone to Pinarolo.

On booking.com I couldn’t find a room at Pinarolo or around. All rooms on booking.com were booked out. I didn’t understand.

Then I looked at Perosa Argentina, about 15 km behind Pinarolo in my direction. To get there would also have the advantage to be on 600 meters so tomorrow’s climb to sestriere will be „only“ 1.400 meters.

After some attempts I booked an apartment there.

Going through Pinarolo I suddenly was frightened because I was faced with barriers and music and loud animations and lots of people. What was going on?

Giro d’Italia 😉 I tried to find a way through the barriers. Therefore I asked a lady and a man police in my best Italian.

As expected that was senseless so I turned and drove some 100 meters but there was also a barrier.

I saw a young man on a bicycle with not nice but huge earrings and a terrible English. He had the same way and found a passage and we were free.

It was pretty nice to see how the young man’s mood has been rising and he wished me a happy day 🙂 And of course my mood was lots better too.

At about 6 pm I arrived at Perosa Argentina.

Tomorrow I want to go to Briançon and have to climb 1.400 meters to Sestriere the famous ski resort. I hope I can do because today my knee hurts a bit. It would be great because I would get a rain and hiking brake. On Saturday it should be rainy.

Along river Po at Torino.
Yes! This is a bike path. So wonderful.
This was the continuation of the bike path. Pretty narrow.
Hydroelectric power plant in Torino’s south.
Nice red, nice yellow 🙂
By way of variety 😉
Alpes again.
A rose bow as a Giro decoration.
Rose decoration with a rose decorated bicycle.
Torrente Chisone in a narrow valley with high mountains.
The red shield gives an idea of the closer coming border. It doesn’t really sound French.
88 km from Torino to Perosa Argentina and about 8 hours.