10-22.05.-We-Casale Monferrato – Turin

Today I felt really fine. Bright sunshine. Less winds. And most important: it became warm!

Today I saw 2 little rabbits, storks, squirrel, frogs and a pheasant. Never before I saw a pheasant. He flew five meters in front of mine crossing the way.

Also I enjoyed different scents: elder, rose, jasmine and at Torino linden.

I got a hearty breakfast with scrambled eggs and toasted fruits.

The bike path EV 8 gets more and more to a dirt track and road bike path.

Yet a thunderstorm is here at Torino.

Today’s breakfast.
At Casale Monferrato I saw this cleaning devices. Do they want to clean their roof gutters with these besoms?
Nice dirt road.
In the front an elders bush. In the back the Alpes.
… And of course poppies 🙂
A special tractor for the rice fields. The wheels are only about 10 centimeters wide.
I didn’t understand what he did.
Lakes as far as the eye can see.
A complex and sophisticated irrigation system. That’s real science. Lots of experience led to this rice plantation system.
Following stadium.
A vintage tractor as a sewing or poisoning machine.
Santuario della madonnina
Maybe you can see the rabbit.
Another dirt track. Also funny to balance through the puddles. Left and right and again lift 😉
Canale Cafour next to Chivasso.
Church facade at Chivasso.
River Orco next to Chivasso.
Superga above Torino where I was in September 2018.
River Po bridge at Torino.
Today’s route from Casale Monferrato to Torino. 91 kilometers and a travel time of eight and a half hours.