09-21.05.-Tu-Pavia – Casale Monferrato

The day started with a blue sky, three Cappuccini and 3 Brioches.

Yesterday I wrote about obstacles and how I dealt with them.

Yesterday the rainy weather was the challenge. Today three flat tires, about 50 % dirt roads and constant headwinds.

I followed the bike path EV 8 but as I even saw last year that doesn’t mean to have an asphalted path.

But after an hour I knew in the moment that there was a flat tire at the rear wheel. Fortunately it was a nice place with the opportunity to have water in the irrigation channel to find the hole. After about 50 minutes it was well done and I continued the track.

But after a short while I was sure to have the next flat tire.

This time I decided to take a new tube because the former one already has got 5 patches.

And after another half an hour the new tube was definitely broken.

It dawned on me that there has to be a sharp piece hidden in the outer tyre.

So I dismantled the outer tyre too and surveyed it very intensive despite I checked that before too.

I found a small and sharp point in the inside of the outer tyre. Outside I saw a little hole and started to pull with the pocket knife and got a splinter of glass.

Today morning I saw this red parts again like in 2018 on my lower legs. Now it’s clear that they are caused neither by sunlight nor by suncream. So it has to be salt from sweating. But it does not hurt nor burn or itch.
Dirt road.
The first flat tire.
The tube with its five patches.
At this time I was wondering about this „lakes“ again and enjoyed the red poppies 🙂
The stork enjoyed the lakes.
This painting I have seen on a facade made clear why there are so many lakes 😉
Another huge rice field.
The third flat tire.
The splinter of glass not larger than 2 millimeters.
River Po again and marvelous poppies 🙂
In the background Casale Monferrato with a warm red poppies sea welcome 🙂
A bell tower as the first eye catcher for me at Casale Monferrato.
Today’s tour over 80 km and nine and a half hours from Pavia to Casale Monferrato.